About us


Privilege Italia is a DCM that specializes on Concierge Services that aim to deliver the most exclusive of the Italian experiences to a niche segment of visitors that looks for unique and tailor made experiences in the “Bel Paese”…..


The Mission of Privilege Italia is to establish the company as national brand leader in the Incoming Market with the ultimate objective to offer to its own clientele a diverse selection of exclusive and bespoke experiences that could evocate the most unique and authenticmemories that an Italian vacation could deliver.


About the founders: 2 cousins, third generation of a family involved in the tourism environment for 50 years, as we love to say, with tourism in the blood. This brand was born from the idea to make tourism in Italy not only a way to visit this amazing country but above all to give the possibility to our guests to live an unforgettable experience and let them fully identify themselves with that experience. In this way, even a normal visit to a museum will not be the same.