Walking tour on the Amalfi Coast , the Path of the GodsWalking tour on the Amalfi Coast , the Path of the Gods


Because whether keen on hiking or not, the Path of the Gods, set in stunning natural beauty, is a must to see, at least for who wants to deeply dig into the marvels of the Amalfi Coast. From the Path of the Gods it is possible to admire one of the most striking panoramas on Earth: halfway up the hill the path crosses, from Bomerano to Nocelle (Nocella), through the most fascinating gorges, cliffs and precipices of the Amalfi Coast. An incomparable overview of the coast from Punta Licosa, in the Cilento (part of the province of Salerno that lies on the south of the Amalfi Coast) to the Island of Capri,an ancient natural extension of Punta Campanella (watershed between the gulfs of Naples and Salerno) where the Athena loop trail, another wonderful hike, lays. The name, a little exaggerated, is due to some aerial exposed part of the path, the magnificent wide views of the sea and splendid hamlets of Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) and Furore located just below the path. From above you can admire, impending over the sea, the extremely steep and wild noses of “Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi”, the highest summit of the Sorrento Peninsula. The Path of the Gods, despite of the name, is an extraordinary monument to the boundless obstinacy and exertion of the humankind that, throughout the ages, has been able to colonize even the most impracticable places on the Amalfi Coast. Today, shepherds, woodsmen and farmers still use the path as it lays through hundreds of dry stonewalls, vegetable gardens, woods, lemon groves and old vineyards stolen to the mountain. Beside the path, you find caves and terraces dropping from the cliffs to the sea and deep valleys. The caves host pens, folds, depots and other constructions. Of the vertical faces, with a dolomitic look overlooking the path, you’ll admire their elegant glides, gulls, crows, peregrine and kestrel falcons, coming out their aeries.

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 6 hours
Maximum number of people: N/D
Location: Campania
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