Fish Market & Biscari Palace in Private tour


Depart from hotel to the fish market in Catania, known to be one of the main markets of the city. We will see and hear the vendors trying to attract attention of customers shouting and boasting the quality of their merchandise.

Enjoy a granita in one of the bars of city center. Then on to Palazzo Biscari, a beautiful baroque palace in the historic center. We will visit the most important and emblematic halls. The Fishery (Piscaria in Sicilian language) is the old fish market in the city of Catania and is inserted into the tourist trail for the content of folklore that you breathe through one of the stalls of fishmongers. Just trying this experience you can realize how picturesque this market that can be compared only to be found in the twin Vucciria market of Palermo Ignatius Paternò Castello, the fifth prince of Biscari, realized his dream of preserving his imperial baroque residence founded on the fifteenth century city walls of the city of Cata- nia. The palace occupies an entire block and is kept as an exemplary abode, honouring the city of Catania. Its entrance is on the homonymous street, Via Museo Biscari. Palazzo Biscari is kept as the most beautiful and well kept palace in Catania, just as Prince Ignati- us dreamed, a treasure to be enjoyed by all. Preliminary construction of the palace itself began in 1702 after the catastrophic earthquake of 1693 that destroyed half of Sicily.

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Location: Sicilia
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